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Frequently Asked Questions

  • PCBflow accelerates the process of design-to-production handoff. Our cloud solution provides easy access for any layout designer to validate his or her design against any manufacturer’s DFM PROFILE in a secured environment.
  • PCBflow connects OEM/Designers with manufacturers. The manufacturer’s DFM PROFILE (manufacturing constraint set) is stored in the manufacturer-secured account. OEM layout designers upload their design to their secured account to run Design-for-Manufacturability (DFM) analysis on a selected manufacturer’s DFM PROFILE. Manufacturability violations are sorted and prioritized according to the level of severity to guide the user through images and locations on the design for easy discover and Immediate correction. The result is fewer if any redesigns and the final design is much higher quality, maximizing yield.
    • Our on-premises solutions are now capable of receiving real-time manufacturability rules directly from the cloud.
    • PCBflow ensures that your design is always in sync with the fabricator and assembler capabilities, eliminating respins, wasted time and cost.
  • PCBflow quickly qualifies potential manufacturers based on their competencies as matched to designers’ requirements; no need for lengthy research or email exchanges. This way, designers can team up with a capable manufacturer to streamline their DFM flow.
    • No training or prerequisites are needed.
    • PCBflow is designed to easily guide the layout designers to the manufacturability violation location in the design. PCBflow provides designers with images, tooltips, measurements and location of the violation on the PCB design.
    • PCBflow is designed to save time and resources in delivering a design to production:
      1. With manufacturing knowledge integrated into PCBflow, there are fewer respins, saving time and allowing delivery to the market on schedule, saving cost and meeting customer commitments.
      2. Immediate DFM analysis saves time during design review and gets your product to market faster.
    • PCBflow recommends the most suitable manufacturer for the job, based on detailed visibility of manufacturers’ capabilities.
    • PCBflow improves the quality of your design: the DFM analysis capabilities in PCBflow allow you to eliminate reliability issues, including testability and solderability.
    • PCBflow is a cost-effective DFM solution that results in lower project costs and quicker design turnaround.
    • With PCBflow, designers have access to the manufacturing process knowledge, allowing them to get it right the first time and improve yield, which improves overall quality.
    • PCBflow DFM, and especially solderability analysis, ensures the highest manufacturing yield and minimizes long-term failure risks.
    • PCBflow is the ultimate product-design tool, connecting designers and manufacturers, allowing complete collaboration throughout the process. That enables a closed-loop feedback mechanism that drives continuous improvement for both designers and manufacturers.
    • With PCBflow you can run a DFM analysis at your speed, in any location, even with mobile phone and tablets.
    • Working from home is necessary occasionally and PCBflow enables that, while ensuring your files are secure.
  • All files are stored in highly secured cloud environment that complies with the best security standards and audited by Siemens.
    • PCBflow streamlines manufacturers’ project onboarding process by letting them and their customers easily run DFM tests on the design with few simple clicks.
    • PCBflow saves time :
      • Manufacturers’ capabilities communicated electronically, eliminating time required for lengthy email or phone exchanges.
      • With your specific capabilities built into PCBflow, designers can ensure manufacturability, saving you precious time.
    • Collaboration space :
      • Get feedback in real-time and in context
      • Making your manufacturing knowledge available to designers builds teamwork and collaboration which results in fewer call backs.
  • Yes, customer access to your process capabilities is controlled and safe, all files are stored in highly secured cloud environment that complies with the best security standards and audited by Siemens.
  • PCBflow’s DFM is performed using the Valor NPI DFM engine.
  • Currently, PCBflow seamlessly supports the ODB++Design file format and can also support IPC-2581. Additional formats are expected to be supported in the future.
    • No. ODB++ Design is an intelligent data format that contains all the data necessary to fabricate and assemble your PCB in a single data structure, while the Gerber format must be reverse-engineered by manufacturers through a tedious and error-prone process as a prerequisite for getting reliable DFM analysis.
    • Learn more:
  • PCBflow currently runs the DFM test on a default DFM PROFILE (constraints set values), which were thoroughly tested and proven empirically effective.
  • Manufacturers can publish their DFM PROFILE on PCBflow in a secured account and in a controlled way. This allows designers to run a DFM analysis against a real manufacturer DFM PROFILE that fits their preferences.